Hi, my name is Mark. They call me Killa. I’ve been riding and working on bikes ever since I can remember. My friends know me as their mechanic. I’m the guy that fixes everybody’s flats out on the road or performs a quick adjustment in the parking lot before the ride. I work on bikes in my garage (Killa’s Garage, get it?). Anyway, I don’t do this for a living, but wrenching as a pastime has taught me utmost respect for the mechanics and fitters at the local bike shops. I think being a wrench is the coolest thing.

I’ve been wanting to share my observations on some of the more esoteric aspects of bicycles and cycling for some time. I finally have the time to make it happen. I plan to share what I hope you agree are interesting little details about cycling that I have picked up over the years from racing, riding, and working on my friends’ and my own bikes. I don’t plan to produce videos on how to change a bottom bracket, or step-by-step instructions for taping handlebars. If I see a particularly good video, I’ll link you to it. Go to Park Tools or Art’s Cyclery for excellent straightforward bicycle repair and maintenance videos. Stay here for everything you ever wanted to know about things like quick release skewer springs.

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